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  • Meet alumni from different departments in Science who can tell you tips and tricks to get a job that lets you apply your research experience. We invite ALL graduate students in the Faculty of Science, and we are also inviting faculty members to this event so that they can learn about how they may be able to help students prepare for industrial jobs.

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About Us

It's Nice to Meet You!

Science Faculty is the most diverse faculty at McMaster University;

8 departments covering everything from music cognition to theoretical physics. A group of us saw this diversity and lack of communication platforms between programs. We also saw great opportunities in bringing scientists from diverse fields together to make a difference in graduate student life at McMaster.

Do you want to know what’s happening in other science departments at the opposite side of the campus?

Do you want to see more options for your scientific career opportunities?

Come join us!


Have you found yourself walking down a hallway saying "Who was that?"

SAM helps us all connect with each other through fun social events that are full of opportunities to meet science grads of own&other departments, alumni and potential employers in industry.

You will be invited to all events; fun socials at the Phoenix, wine & cheese with alumni, the list goes on! You will be surprised how many opportunities you have as a science graduate student at McMaster.

Check out our next event here, step out and have fun socializing!

Science at Mac
8 departments & 3 programs

Discover the diversity and depth of research and people in the Faculty of Science!

Rick Alsop: Molecular Bio-Physics

If you would like us to showcase your research, let us know via Contact us or directly by e-mail (samexec@scientistassociation.com).