About SAM

Scientist Association at McMaster (SAM) originally started with a small group of enthusiastic graduate students from the the Faculty of Science that came together to address the concerns and interest of graduate students from the Faculty of Science.

History of SAM

August 2014

Two graduate students (Mai Yamamoto [Chemical Biology; Science FRC] and Ayush Ranawade [Biology; Science FRC]) reached out to graduate students in each department and program under the Faculty of Science to identify issues, interests and challenges that are commonly faced by Science graduate students at McMaster. Enthusiastic volunteers below successfully organized events for ALL Science graduate students in the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015. During the 2015 Winter semester we also started working towards improving graduate TA experience for Science graduate students.

  • Alison Stewart (Chemistry)
  • Alison McDonald (Kinesiology)
  • Alannah Hallas (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Angie Carmina Romero Perez (Biochemistry/Physics; Science FRC [Spring 2016])
  • Ayush Ranawade (Biology; Science FRC [Fall 2015])
  • Charles Burke (Geography & Earth Science)
  • Hedi Katalmohseni (Medical Physics & Applied Radiation Sciences)
  • Irina Ghilic (Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour)
  • Mai Yamamoto (Chemical Biology; Science FRC [2015-2016])
  • Nadine Shatilla (Geography & Earth Science)
  • Natalie D’Silva (Biology; Science FRC [Winter 2016])
  • Simon Beshara (MiNDS Neuroscience Graduate Program)
  • Tyler Meadows (Mathematics & Statistics)

June 2015- August 2015

During this period we made the decision to form a graduate association for the Faculty of Science in order for more flexibility in activities and better opportunity for funding to support our initiatives. During this period,Charles Burke, Mai Yamamoto and Tyler Meadows held weekly meetings to set out the direction and create formal documents for the association. Later, Tarushika Vasanthan (Biology) and Joshua Nederveen (Kinesiology) joined this initiative, followed by Kay Fan (Computational Science & Engineering) who created the website for SAM.

September 2015 - Formal recognition and moving forward

After our successful welcome event from the “Lab Coat Social,” Shawn Hercules (Biology), Isabel Gaudreau (Maths & Stats) and Michael Lim (Biology) joined SAM. On September 29th SAM was formally recognized as the Faculty of Science graduate student association by the Graduate Student Association (GSA)! Since then, SAM has been actively engaging with other scientists on campus through social events, workshops and various projects supported by the School of Graduate Studies, Dean and Associate Dean of Science. SAM has also been keen on collaborating with other on-campus organizations such as Engineering Graduate Society (EGS), CUPE 3906, GSA, McMaster Institute of Innovation & Excellence in Teaching & Learning (MIIETL) as well as industrial partners.

Founding members

  • Mai Yamamoto [President; Chemical Biology]
  • Tyler Meadows [Vice President Finance; Mathematics & Statistics]
  • Joshua Nederveen [Secretary; Kinesiology]
  • Tarushika Vasanthan [Science FRCs; Biology]
  • Shawn Hercules [Science FRCs; Biology]
  • Charles Burke [Geography & Earth Science]
  • Kay Fan [Director of IT; Computational Science & Engineering]
  • Isabel Gaudreau [Mathematics & Statistics]
  • Irina Ghilic [Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour]
  • Alex Nielsen [Chemical Biology]
  • Derek Stouth [Kinesiology]
  • Michael Lim [Biology]
  • Simon Beshara [MiNDS Neuroscience Program]
  • Ben Keller [Physics & Astronomy; December 2015 -]
  • Kaian Unwalla [Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour; January 2016 -]