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Tyler Meadows: VP financial
Mathematics & Statistics

PhD student in mathematical biology, studying microbiology in rivers and other flowing environments, along with analysis of differential equations.

Tarushika Vasanthan: President

PhD student enrolled in the Collaborative Graduate Program in Astrobiology under the home Department of Biology.

Mai Yamamoto: Communications Officer
Chemical Biology

Ph.D candidate in Chemical Biology, focusing on digestive health and gut microflora. I like cycling, cooking and learning languages.

Joshua Nederveen: Secretary

PhD in the Department of Kinesiology with an interest in molecular exercise physiology and muscle aging. Played varsity volleyball.

Ben Keller: Director of IT
Physics & Astronomy

Ph.D candicate in Theoretical Astrophysics. More details can be found on Science at Mac .

Charles Burke
School of Geography and Earth Science

PhD Candidate in Geography and Earth Science's TransLab. Co-founder of two non-profit enterprises; Geographers Without Borders and Start the Cycle.

Natalie D'Silva: Advisor

PhD Candidate in Biology.

Shawn Hercules

MSc. candidate in Biology.

Sara King-Dowling

PhD Candidate in Kinesiology with an interest in childhood motor development.

Michael Lim

Isabel Gaudreau

Mouhanad Babi: Director of IT
Chemical Biology

Tara Power
Physics & Astronomy

Hector D Orozco Perez: Secretary
Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

I am an engineer doing a masters in psychology and neuroscience looking at people's brain activity while they play music together.

Sara Oikawa: Science FRC

Samantha-Jo Caetano
Physics & Astronomy

I enjoy biostastics, kickboxing and watching the office!

Hilary Caldwell: Communication Officer

PhD Student in Kinesiology with research interests in physical activity, fitness and physical literacy in kids.

Tiffany van Lieshout

Samantha-Jo Caetano

PhD Candidate in Kinesiology with an interest in skeletal muscle physiology and interval training.